A simple story about a little lost balloon who gets found.
You've just passed your audition and now you, John Deacon, are the bass player of Queen! It's pretty great, but you're not sure if your band members are really even into you. The Christmas party is a great opportunity to meet someone. The Valentine's Day formal is nice, and so is the New Year's bash...so all you have to do is strike up a friendship and get a date! But be careful about what you say...why would anyone date someone who's no fun to be around? Version 1.0: The characters are still pretty shallow and the story isn't as long as I imagined it would be once I finished and did a re...
happy valentwine's day please turn on your speakers and your monitor and your mouse and your keyboard when you play this thank you
Can you get the two new people in the office to hook up?
You wake up in a strange place and attempt to retrace your steps but you remember only wanting to take a walk outside...
In Starship Fabulous: The Great Space Alien Dating Sim, you are a space marine, assigned to a trade vessel as they travel through dangerous space. But space is boring, so you decide to get to know the alien crew... Also contains deadly glitter cannons and space pirates. This game was made in one day for the QUILTBAG Game Jam at MIT.

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