Shiversword 2: The Magic Harp by CJ592

This is the sequel to Shiversword: The Beginning.
Shiversword is on the trail of the famous Magic Harp, after his friend and Mentor John Lemon died leaving him a map. However his journey leads him into the path of a superstitious treasure hunter, participating in the Eggs Factor and coming face to face with a religious cult.

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Review by Marcos Artiaga
04 Apr 2012
A little trouble with the verbage on things like the battery and chair, but overall another GREAT game. Any word on Sir Loin 4?

Review by mclovin
31 Mar 2012
not sure what to do

Review by ahsat
06 Aug 2011
I am stuck again. I believe I need something that resembles a glowing crystal ball. I have a dull bulb, clay bowl, crystal bowl, and cannot combine them. I don't have a new location either. I have the biography, camera, dress, autograph, and red dye also. What's next please?

Review by sue butler
04 Apr 2010
Enjoying game so far but can,t find how to charge battery or get a fifth song{I have the one from the ray of light}any hints please

Review by pofke
02 Oct 2009
OK, got a lot further now. Did dog, Al,... I just cant return Edison's camera. He keeps insisting that I take the battery out.

But when I look at the camera it sais that the battery is NOT inside...

Do I need to take more photo's? Maybe a nice picture in the dress? ;)

Anyway, very nice game!!!

Review by max
13 Nov 2008
Playing your games is so much better than working.

01 Nov 2008
Never mind, I got there in the end! Overall a fantastic game - the only issue I found was the difficulty in interacting with/using some of the objects (the battery, the chair etc). That said, it was an extremely entertaining game, and I look forward to trying out the Sir Loin games! Thanks!

Review by Jules Davidson
21 Oct 2008
Finally completed this today! Yipee :-) Thoroughly enjoyed playing this game - its kept me entertained for days. Thank you and well done! Are there any plans in the pipeline for no 3 - if so can't wait.

Review by caleb
04 Aug 2008
i just started and want to know after you push the gate down where you go

Review by Steve2
02 Jun 2008
I found this quite difficult but just as engaging. The eggs factor was a good idea. The ending felt a bit rushed though
And... because I played the other games, it was interesting to see what happened to the press. It was never explained in Sir Loin as to why it was suddenly broken. Now we know!

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Added 11 May 2008

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