Escape from the Forbidden City by peter edwards

Can you overcome the difficulties and dangers of the Forbidden City and make your escape?

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Review by DaNiX88
23 Mar 2015
An extensive and complex game where a wrong step could send you to your doom or unwinnable situation. The risk, coupled by several different "ends," make this game very enjoyable to play. My only problem with this game is that it seems to lack story, especially near the end where it would add another dimension and a sort of satisfactory conclusion to the game.

All in all, the game won't disappoint!

Review by Elymnesis
05 Aug 2014
Such a wonderful little game! It was great fun, and difficult enough to be rewarding when you finally did figure it out. The only reason I give this 4 stars instead of 5 is because I found myself running into syntax issues. This game is a little bit narrow with its accepted commands. I have not found this to be true of Peter's other games, however. It was fun, challenging, rewarding, and had good atmosphere. Thank you Peter!

Review by markydennis
23 May 2014
another fantastic addition... brilliant story and brainteasing puzzles.
great work!

Review by Sue
20 Dec 2013
I really enjoyed this game (as I do all of Peter's games). All of the puzzles are perfectly logical (and kick-yourself straight forward once you've figured it out!). I particularly loved the dragon puzzle.

Like Sarah4, I had a bit of trouble with the graphics, but there are now transcriptions of all of the letters in the comments section (thanks, Peter), so that isn't an obstacle to gameplay.

Great work, Peter, and I can't wait to play another of your games!

Review by Charles Scott
16 Sep 2013
What I enjoy about Peter's games is the way that so many intriguing puzzles are crammed into such a small space, so you don't have to travel miles to find the answers (though you do have to hammer a lot of brain cells to work them out). That isn't a criticism of the epic scale of Craig's games, incidentally -- they are also fascinating, but in a different way. Anyway "Escape from the Forbidden City" is well up to Peter's high standard and much recommended -- an involving story, attractive graphics, elegant narrative style, maddening puzzles. I've learnt a lot about tree species, too. Thank you very much, Peter.

Review by sarah4
29 Nov 2012
A very enjoyable game with lots of fiendish puzzles and an intriguing setting. I enjoyed the way the story gradually unfolded and the gameplay was very intuitive. My only criticism was that certain areas of the game lacked atmosphere which made it a bit difficult to remain immersed in the game all the time. However, as this is probably due to not being able to see the images this is not a serious criticism. Well done again and I look forward to your future games!

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peter edwards

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Written for Quest 5.5
Added 08 Sep 2012
Updated 03 Dec 2015

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