Curse! by peter edwards

What is the secret of the graveyard? What horror lies beyond the catacombs? To find out, try this Gothic adventure - if you dare!
Review by Crispin
24 Dec 2013
Excellent atmosphere and writing, clear and vivid descriptions, gripping storyline, challenging but solvable puzzles (with hints... heh heh heh). Overall a very well done game!

Review by Claire6129
08 Dec 2013
How do I start the game???

Review by Reidolol
13 Nov 2013
What can i do in the start? You need give some hints

Review by Charles Scott
11 Nov 2013
Very spooky -- but Good Triumphs In The End. Thank you for another brain-stretching set of puzzles, Peter. Alas, I've now played all your excellent games: can we hope for any more?

Review by sunbeam133
28 Jun 2013
Couldn't get through it I got confused.

Review by Dreadpool
16 May 2013
An amazing game. I specifically liked the subtle, yet quite overt hints. Although, I have to admit, I am not accustomed to sounds in a MUD, so I jumped a little at that vampire-appearing scene :D

Anyway, great game, and thanks for the tip.

Review by Terri Loki Huntley
05 Feb 2013
never mind done it but my quest ended cause it was morning and i got lost in cemetary

Review by sarah4
29 Nov 2012
Thanks Peter, I had thought that I might need to tempt a rat out of the portcullis to provide a more substantial snack than the spider which I'd been carrying around since the beginning, but just hadn't tried the most obvious way to attract a rat! Anyway, I eventually figured that out and have now finished the game.

Congratulations on a fantastic game, great setting, atmospheric and evocative descriptions and some really lovely, challenging but soluble puzzles make this a great game that I would very highly recommend to anyone looking for entertaining and challenging text adventures. The commands and gameplay were very intuitive which I greatly appreciate. I very much look forward to your future games!

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peter edwards

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Written for Quest 5.4
Added 27 Nov 2012
Updated 05 Dec 2013

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