Sir Loin 3: The Quest for the Holy Quail by CJ592

Sir Loin is back, and this time he is hunting for one of the rarest creatures in history- The Holy Quail.
Will he be able to uncover the mystery of the ghostly pirate, survive the killer Yeti and help a gnome in love find happiness?
Review by miller1000
16 Apr 2014
Just kept wandering around unable to solve anything after a point. Kept getting messages that I can't do this or that; the game just ended up being a war of verbs with the computer.

Review by Liam315
22 Apr 2013
The puzzles in this game are quite enjoyable and interesting, plus there are usually multiple objectives you could be seeking at any one moment if one of them becomes frustrating. The two stars I've awarded reflect this alone because unfortunately the game has little else going for it.

The cons:
- The game is riddled with bugs, even simple things like not being able to pick up certain objects once you've dropped them, putting you in an unwinnable state. For me this was the final straw after trying my best to overlook the other shortcomings of the game.

- Synonyms for place and object names are almost nonexistent and having to exactly type things like "go to cottage (inside)" including the parentheses every time gets annoying since it should be unnecessary.

- The game doesn't recognise most verbs that should be quite simple, you can't put the milk bottle on the anvil, you have to "use milk on anvil." This is just one of countless examples I came across during the first half of the game.

- Implementation is very poor, the descriptions of each room and object are sparse enough as it is, yet there is no response programmed for almost everything you might try and do to the objects described. The author has thought through what the player needs to do and spent no time considering and programming for everything else the character might do.

- The lack of synonyms and bad implementation means that you can spend ages trying to do something that you know should work, only to find you could only use one badly phrased command to make that happen. I had more trouble figuring out the syntax the game wanted me to use than I did figuring out most of the puzzles.

- Story is almost nonexistent. This is a cheap shot to throw at a puzzle oriented game, but for a game that describes itself as comedy and fantasy, there was a distinct lack of either.

- Spelling mistakes and simple grammatical flaws are abundant, especially as you progress through. As they become more frequent it becomes harder and harder to forgive them.

Basically, I don't understand how this is in the top 10 games. It's rushed, amateurish, and deeply flawed to a degree that becomes unbearable when you consider that a couple of beta testers, or even just the author revising everything before releasing, would have caught the majority of the biggest bugs.

Review by CJ2
16 Jan 2013
Just finished, happy ending with four trophies... a little disappointed because I had the fifth trophy (Explorer) but accidentally shut down the game without saving. When I reloaded from an earlier save, I couldn't get it again, even though I had the koob dlo when I left the evarg.

In any case, CJ592, this is the best in the series so far and I enjoyed it immensely! Some of the puzzles I had to come here and get help on, but when I found the answer I pretty much always thought, "Of course! There was a hint about that!"

Well done!

Review by Gari Stones
26 Nov 2012
I'm stuck at what do do with the furnace i've added the water but cant seem to light it, and i can't put the milk in the bowl just says its a good idea but you don't want to carry a bowl full of milk
Could anyone help please?

Review by Eva Clark
25 May 2012
hi there! love the game! I need help though! I can't figure out how to make the cement mix. I put the bones and three buckets of sand in the grinder but nothing works. I even tried to put the sand in the dryer, but no luck there either. Could somebody please help me? And what's all this about trophies? I haven't found/gotten a trophy yet!

Review by Dale Brown
03 Mar 2012
Challenging and fun. Only got one bonus trophy, but it was my first time playing this type of game. Very addicting.

Review by olivia downer
02 Mar 2012
I thought this game was good I found it adventureous. I found the game really good that is why I gave it four
stars for good.

Review by finn
02 Mar 2012
ok it was quit hard to do


Review by sarah4
17 Feb 2012
Superb game, fun and challenging! I loved the trophy element too, especially as finding them didn't effect the outcome of the game but was just a nice side quest! I liked all the characters too and look forward to Sir Loin 4! Very well done!

Review by Marcos Artiaga
17 Feb 2012
Loving the game. Keeps you thinking. Unfortunately, I am stuck. I have completed the Winnie tasks, the first Gnomeo task and the Cyril spectacles task. I have the sock and buttons, but no hair.

gold ring
pot of ants
empty can
sticky sock

I am walking around but dont see any other places for me to visit. Can you provide any help?

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