Murder on the Hill by Craig Dutton

Lord Augustus Mandrake is dead - murdered. You are Inspector Burton Strange of Scotland Yard and must investigate this grisly deed at Graven Hill House.

This is a murder mystery set in the 1930's. You must speak to suspects, find clues and solve the crime by finding out who murdered Lord Mandrake.
Review by dawn153
15 Jun 2013
great game, couldn't have done it without the comments as didn't know you could interact with background objects such as the desk and the sand

Review by deadpenguin
08 Jun 2013
this is truly a game beyond

Review by Crispin
07 Jun 2013
It was a lot of fun! I needed the hints in the the comments to make it through though.

Review by Candacis
21 Apr 2013
First off, I didn't finish it on the first try, because my boat sank before I've gotten the clue and I needed the walkthrough for some of the clues, because I would've never came up with the ideas (and verbs). Some more hints in the game would've been good for myself.
I like the classic mystery detective theme, the puzzles and the subjects are well done. The story is really good, but I found that the game lacked a little bit of a finishing touch. The descriptions were very minimal and not every object even had a description. Most of the rooms appeared empty and lifeless and outside the 4 standard questions the characters hat very little to say. This put me off several times, but the story and the motivation to find the suspect kept me around ^^

Review by CJ2
04 Jan 2013
Good story with some good puzzles.

I think the introduction could offer some more direction with what commands are available (instead of having to find them here in the comments, where there are a lot of spoilers), and in general I would change how the communication works - see my previous comment about getting suspects to comment on objects. I would like to see much more commentary from the characters about items, even if it isn't something they're interested in. If the question is completely irrelevant, then a generic response makes sense. At least that way the player knows they're asking something that should be asked of other characters. I guess that might be a lot of work though! Oh, and grammar-nazi tip... It's "could have" or "could've" not "could of".

I'm looking forward to trying some more Craig Dutton adventures!

Review by Tara1
11 Dec 2012
That was the final clue! Nice game!

Review by Breeze
14 Nov 2012
Great game, solve a murder is a great idea, could even be a series, solve the murder weekend :)
1 small thing, could you remove the maximum number of items you can carry limit, I tend to end up forgetting where I dropped stuff

Review by Jim Brock
05 Nov 2012
Ok, finished it! Wow, I don't think I'd have completed it without some of the clues above but an excellent game non the less.

Well done indeed.


Review by sarah4
22 Jul 2012
Many congratulations on another perfect text adventure Craig! The questioning of suspects and gathering of evidence was extremely well handled and the gameplay was intuitive as usual. The story was superbly done, lots of false trails and red herrings, and, although I did work who the murderer was, I did get quite distracted by the photograph which seriously made me doubt my original suspect! Very impressed by how you managed to construct a great storyline and back stories for all the characters, all very in keeping with the time period and genre and of course, what whodunnit would be complete without a suspicious clergyman, retired major, local doctor and rakish fop, great stuff! As always can't wait for your next game!

Review by Patronaut
18 Jul 2012
Nevermind, figured it out. Just collecting information right now. Great game, Craig.

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Craig Dutton

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Written for Quest 5.2
Added 16 Jul 2012
Updated 25 Aug 2014

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