Cradle by Paul Christian Bills

Survive, Innovate, Create--Thrive!

Recreate the birth and early development of society as you move through the four original cradles of human civilization: Mesopotamia, Ancient Egypt, the Indus River Valley, and Ancient China.

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Review by The Egotist
14 Feb 2013
This game is pretty cool. The idea is unique and I like the way the puzzles are implemented, even if they are a little simplistic. I got stuck on the last chapter (couldn't figure out what to give to the old man). Nice job overall.

Review by GreyOwl
14 Feb 2013
I rate this a 5!

Review by Mvandervelden87
07 Feb 2013
I like the story, but now I need more seeds and I only could find one extra... Maybe I'll try later on.

Review by alora
17 Jan 2013
put the seeds in the ground, and then they wouldn't grow.. but nice game, if i could get past that part id like it more.

Review by Zach12
29 Nov 2012
I got stuck. Trying to put the seeds in the fertile ground. Wouldnt work just kept saying it "wouldnt work". Please fix.

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Written by
Paul Christian Bills

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Written for Quest 5.2
Added 28 Nov 2012
Updated 28 Nov 2012

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