Alice and the Wishing Tree by Craig Dutton

You are Alice and little did you know that you were soon to return to Wonderland.

Help the characters that live there with something important. But first you must find a way back into Wonderland!

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Review by danaburgerrr
20 Feb 2015
this game is exquisite. you are such a talented writer! love how you captured the world and tone of Alice in Wonderland/Through the Looking Glass, down to how the characters speak and interact to the puzzles that are just the right amount of wacky. incredible world, good hints in the text, and just fun all around. and by now you must know how I feel about those damn item limits, but this time it wasn't all that difficult to work with. fantastic fantastic fantastic.

Review by silverstormgirl
28 Nov 2014
I love Alice in Wonderland, so I was really excited to see this text adventure. It really does have a wonderfully Victorian feel to it - riddles and nonsense logic and wishes and demands, with a strain of Alician naughtiness through it. The writing is great, and the riddles are very riddlish. The only fault I can find is in the Wizard's justification for creating a puzzle that could only be solved by disobeying conventional rules - which, contrariwise, are conventional rules in the world of text adventures and video games. if someone gives you a box, it's meant to be opened, regardless of whether it's fair to the recipient or not.

The problems I had with playing it were problems of syntax and newbieness. Text adventures can be really challenging to people unfamiliar with their logic and rules, and this is...maybe the third game I've played in the last two weeks? I'm also unfamiliar with Craig Dutton's work prior to this, or after.

However, the first puzzle was really rough, for a couple of reasons. 1) for the specificity of the commands needed. you have to figure out how to find the farthing in your pocket, and then commands are use farthing on water and make wish. 2) you couldn't get away from it. There wasn't a way to go away, look at something else, let your hindbrain figure it out while you explore. You're stuck on a screen staring at a puzzle.

honestly, without the comments section, I probably wouldn't have figured it out. the specificity of commands needed is a problem that keeps surfacing throughout the game - you have to say the right words in the right order, and there's very little in-game hints as to what you're supposed to be doing. that and the inventory limit were things I personally found difficult.

however, it is solvable. it takes time and patience, but the game does reward you.

Review by Father
19 Nov 2014
A definite five. I wish I could write like this.

Review by Nathaniel.Spence
11 Nov 2014
A great little game, with well thought-out puzzles and lovely descriptions (especially the verse scattered throughout). The puzzles are just hard enough to be interesting, without the gameplay becoming frustrating. There are a few typos here and there, but not enough to distract from the overall experience. Good stuff!

Review by BeautyvsAshes
25 Aug 2014
This was so much fun. I have always loved the tales of Alice in Wonderland, and was super excited to see this. It was so well written and honestly, Craig Dutton did a fantastic job of keeping the style similar to that of the original stories. Congratulations on a fun and fantastical game. :)

And a thank you to Sarah and Craig who helped guide my steps here and there.

Review by Charles Scott
20 Aug 2013
Another enthralling game from Craig Dutton. I'm working my way through his back catalogue and, like Sarah, haven't yet come across a game that is less than excellent. This one has some fiendish puzzles (thanks again for your help Sarah) and intriguing characters: hard to believe it was written in just a couple of days. Thank you, Craig, and please keep the games coming!

Review by Ana2
17 Mar 2013
I've unlocked and opened the door to the hallway, but I don't know how to pass through. Help!

Review by sarah4
28 Oct 2012
So sorry for taking so long to review this game Craig, have been having some problems getting online! Yet another absolutely amazing game from my favourite text adventure author! Fantastic puzzles as usual and an engrossing storyline. As I said in my previous comment, the Wonderland setting was used to brilliant effect, characters, both new and old, were wonderfully realised and your use of the anarchic 'rules' of Wonderland in creating puzzles was inspired, although some of the solutions may seem a bit obtuse in the 'real' world, they make perfect sense when approached with Wonderland logic! I think the game is probably best played by people who have read both of the novels (though anyone who hasn't done so yet should really rectify that as soon as possible!) but I still think that the game is so well written and constructed that those not familiar with Wonderland could enjoy it, especially as it has such a fine self-contained storyline! The poems were also a beautiful touch as they are one of my favourite aspects of the novels and I loved the way you incorporated them here along with your general writing style which never broke character so I do hope you consider returning to Wonderland one day! Sorry to go on but I'm so impressed, as always, by the quality and complexity of your games and the amount of work that must go into them and I can't wait for your next game!

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