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Review for Shipwrecked
28 Jun 2013
I am not finished this game yet, but have played enough to be able to review it.

It is a very well thought out game for the most part, and I would have given it 5 stars.

However, there are 2 big issues I have with it.

The Jungle/Ruins Maze.

Considering that there are 3 rooms that need to be located in the maze, it is almost impossible to find them without the guide you posted earlier. I don't mind mazes per se, but there needs to be some clue in the room descriptions to allow you to attempt to map them. - This brought it down to 4 stars.

The second thing that really irked me was the monkey. This could have been better handled. I don't mind him stealing stuff, or knocking out of my hand (although annoying), what made me reduce the games overall score to 3 stars was the fact there was no take all function. To have to pick up several items 1 by 1, to have to pick them up again later very nearly put me off this game completely.

I was also slightly annoyed by the inventory limit, however I can understand a limit - it just I am amassing a huge pile of items on my ship and am fed up of traipsing back and forth to get the right bits, because I don't want to carry lots because of that damned monkey.

Otherwise, good game.

27 Jun 2013
This was OK, but I have only given this 3 stars for a few reasons.

It is very short, and while there is a small element of the standard text adventure in fixing the canoe to get to the island to get the tool to gain entrance to the temple, the rest is just riddles (don't get me wrong though, I like riddles).

1 stupidly tough algebra problem (not really a riddle) - I don't mind these sort of problems as a general rule, but maybe a little less complexity. There was too much math involved. Something like "brothers and sisters have I none, but this man's father is my fathers son - who is he?"

The fact you have to start over each time - in itself I actually like this, but it is nullified by being able to save, so it is just adding an extra step by requiring you to save before each encounter.

The ending - I am hoping it is meant to be a joke (or that I somehow got the wrong ending), because otherwise spending your time playing a game to get to the end to be effectively told "you have wasted your time" is not very nice. Especially when it is in 72 point bold green text!

There were a couple of spelling mistakes, the one I remember was getting a correct answer in the madness room, to be told I was "crrect" by each of the three inquisitors.

Also, in the final meeting with the Overloard, it kept saying <ERROR> at the bottom of the room descriptions.

Other than that, not bad!

Review for The Mansion
13 Jun 2013
I have just completed this game (and survived). I found it very tricksy (which is good), but only gave it 4/5 due to the verb usage. It does not make sense to me that you have to look at stairs just to go up/down them. What is wrong with up and down.

Similarly, I have issues with the length of some of the item names in the game.

That said, it was fun.

The maps were useful, but in the end I had to create my own - so I could mark the rooms I had visited (and map the rooms that are not on the maps). This helped me to locate the locked door that I had overlooked, which allowed me to complete the game :D

I am loving this game. TA's hold a special place in my heart as they were some of the first games I played (on my Acorn Electron no less).

Well I am currently stuck.

So far I have rescued/fed Winnies Cat, unblocked her gas valve and found her honeycomb.

I don't know how to get at the glass cutter. I have read through this page and saw mention of bolt cutters, but have yet to find any.

I have white flowers but need red (and don't seem to be able to pick the red ones by Gnomeo).

And I am missing part of the puppet.

Oh, and I drank the soda!!! (was this a mistake).

So far I have to...
...get a dragon pass from the village hall to ride the dragon taxi
...find a way to mend Cyril's glasses
...get some red flowers for Gnomeo
...make a #### puppet with #### and ####!

Any hints here? (not looking for answers, just hints).

So far I have been to the Market Square (Caravan), Guild's Row (Blacksmith & Laundarette), narrow lane, Cottage (Outside and In), Haunted Grove, Garden Centre, Lover's Grove, Gravel Path and the Beach

And I am carrying A pair of Broken Spectacles, a small Bowl, a thick woollen Blanket, a Bucket, a pair of Bellows, a Gold Ring, some glass Shards, a rusty Saw, a Bouquet of flowers, an Empty Can and a Sticky Sock.