The Mansion by Nick Dablin

Your wealthy uncle has just died of a heart attack. You're his only living relative. What's strange is that your family has never had any history of heart problems and he was fit and healthy up until his death. Time to investigate and see if you can find any clues to his untimely death. This is a good old-fashioned adventure - puzzles to solve, keys to find, the usual. Hopefully it's large enough to keep you occupied for a good while! :)
Review by mannuboy
02 Sep 2014
Very well executed game! I enjoyed exploring the mansion and the puzzles was not too difficult.

Review by Mysterio1
23 Jun 2014
Excellent game! By far one of my favorite! Immersive story! Ending a little *ehhh* but its totally worth it!

Review by Kim75
13 Jun 2014
very good. looking forward to sequel.

Review by musiclover24
25 Apr 2014
really great game, will definitely be playing the sequel :)

11 Apr 2014
I'd like to make some suggestions for people who are stuck:

2) If you really, REALLY think that an object you have has served its purpose, put it down somewhere memorable. You *might* need it again later.
3) You will only be able to do some things after you've found information about them somewhere else.
4) Pick up (other than the red herring) EVERYTHING.
5) If you find a duplicate of something, don't pick it up; its just extra baggage.
6) If you get stuck, try wandering around. You may find that you've skipped over something by accident.
7) Use (insert item name here) on (insert object name here) is a VERY useful command.
8) If you have a healthy command over human emotions, you WILL get frustrated. Do not give up. This game is worth it.
10) No, you can't water the plant.
11) It is ONLY a GAME. If it's not fun for you, STOP PLAYING.

Got all that? Good. Bye-bye!

Review by Tinumien
27 Mar 2014
Really good game! Good for people like me who are new to text adventures :)

Review by Intrepid-Creative
05 Dec 2013
Brilliant example of what a text based game should be. The mansion felt huge and intimidating, I really enjoyed exploring it.

Review by ffilc
26 Nov 2013
the game with the puzzles seem very difficult.i can only get to door 3 otherwise I'm trapped in gallery without any help this game becomes unplayable

Review by DRana325
22 Nov 2013
well the game kept me on my feet. but the ending.. i don't know... what kind of ending was that?!?!? i didn't even use a lot of the items i picked up.. lol.. good game. not so good ending.

Review by compuner
06 Oct 2013
Ah, this game is perfect. This read so fluidly, and I was up until who knows how long playing :D really great job, man!

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Nick Dablin

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Written for Quest 3.11
Added 31 Jan 2004

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