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Reviews by max

01 Feb 2011
Good use of tools. Nice length too.

Review for As Darkness Falls 2
19 Mar 2010
Not as long as some of your other games, but enjoyable still. Perhaps I just prefer your comedy games.

Review for Wizard
25 Feb 2010
Great game.
Yes, the potion making was a little tiresome. Perhaps we could have enchanted the potions??

Review for Shipwrecked
23 Nov 2009
Great game. Some of the puzzles seem a little random. I doubt I would have been able to solve it without all the hints I got from this page. I would have given you a 5 star review except for that damned annoying monkey. Look forward to seeing more!

Whew. This was a great game. I can really tell that you're getting better at making these. Great humor and nice subtle clues in the descriptions. I especially liked the interaction with Simon as a foreshadowing of what to do later. That took me a while to work out (that and looking for the bolt cutters).

I only got 3 out of 5 trophies though. Any clues on the others? I got the Explorer, Exorcist, and Best Best Man.

13 Nov 2008
Complicated and long. Some of the puzzle solutions were a bit too abstract... I would have liked a few more in games hints. But I really enjoy the humor of this series.

13 Nov 2008
Playing your games is so much better than working.

13 Nov 2008
Well I second that. I'm definitely a fan of the"___ Quest" games where you find seemingly random objects and use them for not-that-random of a purpose. There are some technical glitches, so I don't think this one is as good as your other games, but it's still alot of fun.

Review for As Darkness Falls
03 Oct 2008
Nice! I just finished. I found it amusing that looking at the zombies returns "Nothing out of the ordinary."